1st UA Online Tournament

Mahjong Alert!
A tournament among Ukrainian players (MahjongSoul-nyaa) is planned for June 1-2-3

Terms of participation:

  • one-time contribution of UAH 200
  • participation in all games during all three days (start at 19:30, 3 hanchans per day)

The winner of the tournament with the most points at the end of the entire tournament will receive a set for playing Riichi Mahjong 🙂
Cash prizes await 2-3-4 place (the amount depends on the number of participants)

Tournament rules:

Standard EMA rules (no red cards, no nagashi manga, no redeals, you can go into the red, no tips, reset time 5+10, 30000 at the start, uma 15/5)

The tournament will take place on the condition that there are at least 20 registered participants.

Link for registration (until May 30):

All participants will receive a letter with payment information, a game lobby and a link to tg-chat after registration closes.

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