Stand for Ukraine Richi Mahjong Online Tournament

Citizens of Ukraine are now suffering from russian invasion. Ukrainian Mahjong Federation is making this tournament to support ukrainian army and hope that other players can help us protect and support peace and democracy in Ukraine.

Time: May 21, 2022 11:00 (UTC+3).

Registration deadline May 19.

Platform: MahjongSoul

1st UA Online Tournament

Mahjong Alert!
A tournament among Ukrainian players (MahjongSoul-nyaa) is planned for June 1-2-3

Terms of participation:

  • one-time contribution of UAH 200
  • participation in all games during all three days (start at 19:30, 3 hanchans per day)

The winner of the tournament with the most points at the end of the entire tournament will receive a set for playing Riichi Mahjong 🙂
Cash prizes await 2-3-4 place (the amount depends on the number of participants)

Tournament rules:

Standard EMA rules (no red cards, no nagashi manga, no redeals, you can go into the red, no tips, reset time 5+10, 30000 at the start, uma 15/5)

The tournament will take place on the condition that there are at least 20 registered participants.

Link for registration (until May 30):

All participants will receive a letter with payment information, a game lobby and a link to tg-chat after registration closes.

Riichi Marathon

Online-marathon riichi-Mahjong (the marathon) – open competition for riichi-mahjong, conducted on the Internet using software enabling remote access to the virtual table for the joint and simultaneous games.

With this phrase begins regulations online marathon length of a year. The organizers have set a pretty ambitious goal is to identify the best players in the CIS.

Since the registration has only been 10 days and the players registered for more than fifty. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Elektrostal, Simferopol, Moscow, Zaporozhye, Minsk, Novorossiysk … and it’s not even a complete list of cities participating in this action.

To register, just having a page on the social network “Vkontakte” – Link.

To see the results of games played – Click here.

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