Results of Crimean Riichi Open 2015

Crimean Riichi Open 2015 is over, this is our winners. (On photo – from left: Konstantin MJASNIKOV, Dmitry MISHAKOV, Andrey SHIFRIN) 1 Dmitry MISHAKOV 223800 2 Konstantin MJASNIKOV 151200 3 Andrey SHIFRIN 149600 4 Viktor GRISHIN 142700 5 Mariia KOZACHOK 101400 6 Lubov VOLLERT 79400 7 Dmitry VOLODIN 75400 8 Nina ARTIUSHENKO 41200 9 Kirill […]

Crimean Riichi Open 2015

Today, we are pleased to announce that the offer page of our new project – EMA Tournament “Crimean Riichi Open 2015”. Registration will be available from December 20, and will run until February 10, 2015.   All necessary information is on the page of  tournament – Why page, not a separate news – easier for […]

Second national riichi-mahjong tournament “Yakuza Cup”

Riichi-mahjong club “Yakuza” (Kharkov) open registration on Second national riichi-mahjong tournament “Yakuza Cup”.  Tournament Date – 13-14 september 2014. Hanchans – 8, (4 – on first day, 4 – on second day) Maximum participants  – 24. Place – House of Culture (DK) “ОАО ХАРП” Druhoi P’yatyrichky St, 38. Catering  –  DK in the buffet and cafe located […]

Riichi Marathon

Online-marathon riichi-Mahjong (the marathon) – open competition for riichi-mahjong, conducted on the Internet using software enabling remote access to the virtual table for the joint and simultaneous games. With this phrase begins regulations online marathon length of a year. The organizers have set a pretty ambitious goal is to identify the best players in the […]

World Riichi Mahjong Championship: Paris, 2014

TOKYO/PARIS – It were two historic meetings, last week in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Gemma Collinge of and Martin Rep of MahjongNews.Com, shook hands with Mr. Shigekazu Moriyama, CEO of the Japanese Pro Mahjong League. They had just finished talks about the first ever World Championship Riichi Mahjong. “Mission completed”, smiled Martin Rep and Gemma […]

Riichi rules

Riichi (modern Japanese mahjong) was introduced independently in several European countries, and consequently slight differences in the rules existed across the continent. With the scheduling of the first European Riichi Championship in 2008, the need arose to standardize the riichi rules in the context of the European Mahjong Association. This resulted in the EMA Riichi […]